Jackrabbit CMS

Putting the power back in your hands

The combination of Scared Rabbit's custom development team, and our Jackrabbit Content Management system gives you a unique website that you're in full command of. Easily add photos, documents, embedded maps and videos, links, and more! The simple-to-use interface will have you up and running in minutes. Use our exclusive mac app to manage several websites, or simply log in online.

Easy Page Management

Page AddingAdding a new page is as simple as clicking a plus button and giving it a name. Easily nest pages into drop down menus by clicking and dragging. Explore different page types such as normal text pages, external links, navigation only, document pages.

Powerful Photo Editing Tools

Express your style with built-in photo editing. Adjust values for Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and more!Image Editing


Ready to do more than simple text and images? Use Add-Ons to easily create pre-styled special content areas such as galleries, staff directories, and more.