Hosting FAQ

How many customers are on each server?
Our servers are setup so that they generate revenue and run at peak performance. To do this we run our servers at 45-65% capacity, this reduces the load, therefore increasing performance. Unlike other hosts that pack their servers full, we concentrate more on maintaining performance and less on maximizing the revenue generated per server.
What are the details of your web servers?
Each dedicated server is configured the same...

Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1230 Quad Core running @ 3.3GHz
Disk: 2 x 500GB drives

Carrier grade data center with multiple redundant backup power systems

Services monitored 24x7. Each server is equipped with plenty of RAM and very lightly CPU loaded to ensure fast serving of your content.
What type of control panel do you offer?
We offer cPanel Control Panel for each hosting account. cPanel is one of the most advanced and user-friendly control panels available world-wide. You may read more about cPanel here.
What are your nameserver addresses?
What are your POP and SMTP mail server addresses?
The address is the same for incoming and outgoing POP mail:
What is the path to perl?
What is the path to sendmail?
What is the path to mySQL?
How do I connect to a mySQL database?
$db_name = "username_databasename";
$db_login = "username";
$db_password = "password";
$db_host = "localhost";
What is the path to the web directory?
Where do I place my files for use on the internet?
Place your files in the "public_html" directory.
How do I keep files in a directory from being seen without an index.html file?
Open up notepad or your favorite text editor and type the following:

Options - Indexes

Next: save this at htaccess.txt, upload it to your directory, and rename it to .htaccess
How do I upgrade/downgrade my hosting account?
Simply contact our support crew someone will promptly make the appropriate changes to your account. This is typically completed within one hour.
How do I log in to my control panel?
Go to "yourwebsiteaddress.com/cpanel" and log in with your username and password.
What is Bandwidth and how does it affect me?
Bandwidth is often used as a synonym for data transfer rate - the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually a second). In relation to your website, bandwidth is the amount of data transfer in and out. When someone visits your website they are using your bandwidth allowance to load the text and images on the pages, as well as to download files.
What happens if my hosting expires?
The hosting will be suspended for up to 2 weeks. After the suspension, a backup will be made and then terminated from the server. A $50 charge is required to reinstate the account, along with the hosting plan renewal payment. 
How will I know how to manage my dynamic site?
We offer one free training session to equip you to confidently use the back end of your dynamic website. This session may be executed at Scared Rabbit or the customer's office. Hourly/travel fees may apply to subsequent training sessions.